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What is electronic archiving?

In the current business environment highly competitive the information is the most important resource of organizations, and that, in most cases is found in documents on paper. Capture systems (scanning, cataloging) of information represents the first step in the performance of the information management, allowing the conversion of documents from physical format into electronic format, as well as extracting the information required from them.


of the employees spend more than an hour recreating documents that exist already


one document is multiplied in average by 19 times


Professionals spend up to 15% of their time lecturing information and up to 50% searching it


of the total information within a company or institution is contained in documents

660 ron

Companies spend 60 ron to archive one document, 360 ron to find a wrong archived document and 660 ron to recreate a lost document


of documents are lost and 3% from the rest are not archived correctly

9 ron

At 3 ron spent to create a document 9 ron is spent to manage it

StarCapture application transforms paper documents into electronic documents and extracts the useful information, allowing later quick access and capitalizing them throughout the organization, reduce the storage costs and the use of paper documents.

SEAL (Secure Electronic Archive Library) is the complete solution of archives management, it integrates transparently with StarCapture capture application and includes unique facilities in Romania for recovery and access to information based on associated metadata! SEAL can be ordered optionally and custom implemented.

Email Archiving

In the current business environment, the e-mail is a critical component of the communication system of an enterprise and is becoming a standard method of interaction both within companies and in their relationship with the suppliers, customers or business partners. The volume of e-mails increases exponentially on a yearly basis, generating important costs for their storage and management. Although it is an efficient means of communication, difficulties may arise concerning the legal compliance or when the recovery of certain information is attempted.

Challenges and problems

  • The increase of the necessary storage capacity
  • The continuous efforts of the IT personnel within enterprises to limit the volume and size of e-mails
  • Opposition from users who wish to keep all the e-mails and attachments in the inbox
  • The increase of the storage capacity on the electronic messaging server is just a temporary solution.
  • The size of the e-mail data bases usually reaches hundreds of gigabytes
  • High storage and management costs
  • Difficult and consuming process for accessing information stored on magnetic tapes
  • Increase in the number of personal archives
  • The deployment of certain strict policies aiming to reduce the e-mail inbox quota means a large number of personal archives (.PST files)
  • The increase of the volume of duplicate data
  • The inefficient use of the storage capacity and resources allocated to the backup process
  • High risks, related to the regulatory compliance and information retrieval, due to the fact that personal archives are in most cases unorganized
  • Lack of centralized e-mail management
  • The business value of the e-mail is compromised due to the lack of a centralized system for the administration and management of entries
  • The regulations in various fields such as the financial and banking sector, business administration, data protection and ensuring access to information force enterprises to retain e-mails and other forms of business entries for a specified period of time starting from their reception.
  • The deployment of specific e-mail retention policies within enterprises that are to be used as reference in the future or for audit purposes.

Star Storage

Star Storage is the market leader in archiving management outsourcing: physical and electronic archiving.

Using the latest technologies in the field, Star Storage develops complete solutions to minimize the negative impact that the deployment of an inadequate plan for the data volume management, generated by the use of e-mail, may have on the entire organization.

Increase your productivity and your TCO, and streamline the entire activity no matter the size of your enterprise!

File Archiving

Star Storage solutions for intelligent file archiving meet the business requirements of the enterprises regarding the optimization of the data storage costs in relation to the exponential growth of their volume.

Challenges and problems

  • In the current business environment, unstructured data represent 80% of the total data volume
  • Increased data volume and the regulatory compliance constitute an actual challenge for the system administrators.
  • High costs for primary storage related to file servers
  • Inability to respect the back-up windows.


  • Optimization of storage resources
  • Lower risks and improvement of business efficiency
  • Maintaining a transparent access to archived data
  • Reduced back-up and disaster recovery windows by decreasing the volume of data stored on the primary medium
  • Compliance with regulations regarding the retention and retrieval of data
  • Improvement of productivity through the automation of the archiving policies
  • Lower total cost of ownership by increasing the primary storage capacity and by migrating data onto cheaper dedicated devices.
  • Maximization of productivity using the information retrieval features at user level without the need to involve the IT personnel
  • Risk management

Flexible and adaptable as your business needs

Have you considered how much space your archive takes and how much time you spent looking for documents. Unclutter and find every document in seconds.

On Premises

Choose On Premises deployment and use your existing infrastructure for building your private cloud leveraging the native StarCapture and SEAL multi-tenant features.

On Demand

Choose local cloud delivery from our EU Data Center powered by StarVault or global cloud with multiple data centers across the globe powered by Microsoft Azure.

Smart Solutions built on top of Advanced Products

Intelligent Document Capture and Processing

Take your digital transformation initiatives to the next level.

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A next generation software solution for AI and metadata-driven content efficiency, compliance and process automation.

Connect, capture, index, share and securely manage your entire electronic archive while maintaining compliance.

At a fraction of the cost usually paid for classical ECM systems, SEAL is an enterprise information archiving system that enables you to capture, transform, index and securely manage your entire electronic archive, while still maintaining the necessary compliance and governance toolsets.

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