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Star Storage launches Mobile Customer Enrollment Microsoft business applications catalog

Star Storage, Romanian top provider for storage, archiving and information management (data and documents) solutions, Outsourcing IT services and Cloud services, launches Mobile Customer Enrollment in Windows Store andMicrosoft business applications catalog. Designed to significantly improve the classic model of selling and direct interaction of sales agents with customers, the application is configurable and has been specifically designed to run on any kind of Tablet, laptop, netbook or PC running Windows 8.1 operating system.


Using Mobile Customer Enrollment business application, organization sales agents have access anywhere to all of the information required by business processes and can collect all of the data required in the sales process, with zero errors and in a secure way. The application can be downloaded free of charge directly from the Windows Store for demonstrations, can also be used offline, is simple and easy to use, without requiring special training and has a friendly and interactive design. For example, the application can be used to automatically recognize and extract data from identity cards; to capture a handwritten signature; to supplement the data in specific forms or to distribute personalized information (datasheets, informative documents)“, said Rares Vasilescu, Software Development Director Star Storage.


Mobile Customer Enrollment responds to the business need of organisations to increase sales force mobility, thereby increasing agility in relation to market requirements. The application enables mobile sales agents to collect and to process data from the client, and coordinators to pursue the development of actions on the ground and to quickly configure new specialized packages.


Apart from the multitude of modern applications in Windows Store addressed to consumers, we are pleased to see Romanian business applications adapted for tablets, with a fresh design and capabilities dedicated to mobile work. Star Storage welcome partner in the family of dedicated modern Windows tablets business applications providers. Mobile Customer Enrollment application solves a core set of scenarios faced by a mobile seller and I am convinced that the added productivity it brings will be desired by many customers“, said Zoli Herczeg, Partner Business Evangelist , Microsoft.


Mobile Customer Enrollment business application provides the following key benefits at organization level:

  • Allows sales force to streamline the work of land;
  • Reduce errors and increase the speed of the effective selling process;
  • Provides more time for consultative sales with customers;
  • Enhance customer relationship through proactive approach;
  • Reduce operational risks, providing better security and traceability of data captured;
  • Works offline, while maintaining a centralised data management;
  • Helps to build and maintain customer relationships;
  • Contribute significantly to the generation of a greater number of sales opportunities;
  • Is automatically updated from a central server.


Mobile Customer Enrollment is a key application for mobile sales force of any organization. Application development started from the organisations need for a solution that provide maximum ergonomics and enable them to maximize the efficiency and even reinvent the sales process. Encompassing power of our StarCapture data capture platform and the latest features of Windows 8.1 operating system for mobile devices, the solution allows that customer data to be collected and processed in just a few moments, thus reducing the time required for information “on the ground” be available in existing applications within the organization.


We are proud that we have developed such an application, which allows companies to improve their sales effectiveness, customer relationship and significantly reduces errors and costs associated with field data collection and processing.“, said Catalin Paunescu CEO Star Storage.


Windows 8.1 continues Microsoft’s vision to offer companies the most powerful and flexible operating system for a wide range of devices and help customers with flexible solutions that increase productivity. With an user experience that is easy and have advanced functionality at the level of the device management, security, mobility and network access, Windows 8.1 is designed to help companies in business development through increased productivity, either through mobile scenarios that bring new business opportunities or by using technology to optimize existing processes.


Mobile Customer Enrollment application is an example of a solution that builds on the Windows 8.1 core functionalities providing the best experience to streamline the companies sales force processes“, said Ionut Gaota, Windows Business Group Lead, Microsoft Romania.


Star Storage provides to customers the Mobile Customer Enrollment business application as a Cloud service offered directly from its own Tier 3 Data Center, on a monthly subscription basis, as well as in the on premises way, directly to the customer headquarter, through easy installation and integration with existing systems.



About Star Storage S.A.

STAR STORAGE is a Romanian information technology services company with annual Gross Revenue of more than € 20 million, employing more than 400 people. Serving a large client base, it delivers storage, archiving and information management solutions in Romania and Republic of Moldova, having positioned itself as the Romanian industry leader.


The Company has more than 13 years of experience on the Romanian market and has succeeded to build an entire portfolio of solutions and services fulfilling the entire enterprise information lifecycle (from the moment of production up to the moment of storage, transformation, distribution or destruction) and playing a key role in the transformation process of organizations’ IT infrastructure into cloud-based architectures with improved control over the content. In addition to this portfolio, several outsourcing services – focused on content acquisition, enrichment, protection, recovery and content output – are provided to banks, non-banking financial institutions, public administrations, telecommunication operators and utility companies.


In addition to its national presence, the Company has started to expand its presence on the international level, primarily through strategic alliances with reputable international players.


Traditionally, Star Storage activity has been focused around large clients. However, the mid-market and SMB segments are now in the Company’s attention and part of the growth plan over the next 5-years.


For more information, visit www.star-storage.ro



About Microsoft Romania

“Our inspiration at Microsoft is to be the leader in technology and trusted partner for Romania’s future”


Announced in July 2013, the company’s new global strategy will focus on creating a family of devices and services for individual users and organizations, from which will benefit people on the entire planet – at home, at work or on the move in activities that they value most. Microsoft strategic directions with local impact are the Digital Agenda for Romania, Business Environment Competitiveness and Creating Opportunities for Youth. More details about Microsoft in Romania can be obtained from this page.

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