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StarVault BACKUP2CLOUD, a new cloud data protection service from Star Storage, which can be tested for free for 30 days

Star Storage, Romanian top provider for storage, archiving and information management solutions, IT Outsourcing and Cloud services, launches StarVault BACKUP2CLOUD. This backup service of disk-to-disk-to-disk (D2D2D) type provides maximum data protection directly in Cloud. The service was created in order to respond better to the data and information protection needs of companies, responding to the complex demands of local backup, online, offsite or in cloud.


StarVault Cloud Backup service is based on a backup solution with a redundant design and is available in two versions, specially designed to be able to respond better to the data protection requirements:

  • StarVault BACKUP2CLOUD Start – backup solution for desktops and laptops datain Star Storage Data Center, located in Bucharest. The solution protects stored data at level of files;
  • StarVault BACKUP2CLOUD Pro – complete backup solution for servers that providelocal, online or hybrid backup. The solution enables backup to the structure of files, databases, applications and virtual machines with the ability of granular or full data restoration.


Star Storage offers to companies StarVault BACKUP2CLOUD, an advanced but flexible service for backing up desktops, laptops and applications servers with copy of the book storage in the Star Storage Data Center, located in Romania. The application provides key features, which include: real-time data and document protection for servers, PCs and laptops, all speed optimizing technologies, fast indexing, small files optimization, unwanted file exclusion filter, schedule backup operations implementation, deduplication and compression of data. The solution includes a technology that allows automatic comparison of the file version that will be saved with the previous version, extract differences, compress, encrypt and then performs backup, thus reducing considerably operations duration.


Star Storage service, StarVault BACKUP2CLOUD can be tested for free for 30 days, by visiting the www.star-vault.ro website.

Benefits of StarVault BACKUP2CLOUD service:

  • Full Backup for all types of servers, desktops and laptops;
  • Continuous data protection by creating a permanently backup, including for the open files;
  • High reliability, regardless of the type of backup: full, incremental or differential;
  • Up to 80 % of the data compression rate;
  • Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership);
  • Extremely flexible retention policies without losing changes made, including keeping the backups accidentally deleted by users;
  • Secure 256-Bit Encryption;
  • Multiple Instances of backup for different types of backups;
  • Conservation of multiple backups of type full-system and virtual unlimited storage capacity;
  • Restore data fast and flexible;
  • Success rate of almost 100 % in restoring with integrity checking routine;
  • Scheduling backup windows and define alerts. Backups can be done at a certain hour, several times per day or before shutting down the PC;
  • Direct access from the internet – backup account acts as a mobile office for data retention which can be downloaded without installation of client applications;
  • Backup Filter that allows the selection of files to be secured;
  • Easy monitoring through extensive reports on the activity.


Information is one of the most important assets that a company owns, therefore no one can afford the risk of not protect data in an appropriate manner. Whether we are talking about sales records, offers, presentations, customer lists or formulas, these data are invaluable and no company can afford to lose. It is much cheaper to protect and restore data from backup than to rebuild your business from scratch. Although it seems simple to put in place a proper internal backup process that allows restoring data when you need it, in reality the process is error prone and consume a lot of resources and time, using a cloud backup service is, from this point of view, an optimal solution.  


We included StarVault Cloud Backup in our cloud services portfolio to support companies by offering them the right service to ensure data protection and security guaranteed without the complexity normally associated with this process. The service was designed to offer the best alternative to traditional backup methods, companies can now streamline their operating costs, optimizing work processes and ensuring the continuity of operations, all with zero initial investment.“, said Catalin Paunescu, Star Storage CEO.


The new Star Storage service, StarVault BACKUP2CLOUD is part of StarVault Cloud services portfolio, which all organizations (public or private) benefit of reduced IT costs, 0 (zero) initial investment, pay only for what is consumed, using the request / on demand resources, immediate activation and easy use, permanent availability and mobility.



About Star Storage S.A.

STAR STORAGE is a Romanian information technology services company with annual Gross Revenue of more than € 20 million, employing more than 400 people. Serving a large client base, it delivers storage, archiving and information management solutions in Romania and Republic of Moldova, having positioned itself as the Romanian industry leader.


The Company has more than 13 years of experience on the Romanian market and has succeeded to build an entire portfolio of solutions and services fulfilling the entire enterprise information lifecycle (from the moment of production up to the moment of storage, transformation, distribution or destruction) and playing a key role in the transformation process of organizations’ IT infrastructure into cloud-based architectures with improved control over the content. In addition to this portfolio, several outsourcing services – focused on content acquisition, enrichment, protection, recovery and content output – are provided to banks, non-banking financial institutions, public administrations, telecommunication operators and utility companies.


In addition to its national presence, the Company has started to expand its presence on the international level, primarily through strategic alliances with reputable international players.


Traditionally, Star Storage activity has been focused around large clients. However, the mid-market and SMB segments are now in the Company’s attention and part of the growth plan over the next 5-years.


For more information, visit www.star-storage.ro

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