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Taking forward Enterprise Information Archiving with a new version of SEAL by Star Storage

A new graphic interface, new ways of accessing and distributing information, security and integration updates for increased efficiency.


Bucharest, Romania, June 24, 2015.Star Storage, a leading information technology company focused on information protection and management, today announced the release of a new version of SEAL. This version comes with a new graphical interface continuously improving the user experience, new features for information sharing, distribution and viewing and a new set of functionalities to configure individual permissions levels for achieved document creators.


SEAL is an Enterprise Information Archiving software that leverage Hitachi Content Platform as an intelligent distributed object storage system to deliver the best functionalities for managing your electronic archive.Top companies across the Globe use SEAL to store unstructured contend and related metadata in a single, consolidated repository and unify their valuable documents records from paper, computer-generated outputs or legacy systems.


With SEAL your company gains starting from day one, increased flexibility, permanent and secured access to the information, reduced company exposure and mitigated risks using and advanced system to enforce compliance rules and regulations. All of these benefits come at a fraction of what enterprise content management platforms cost.


“With a scalable architecture based on a state-of-the-art storage platform, HCP (Hitachi Content Platform), SEAL is a business value solution matching DMS (Document Management System) based document archiving needs like storing and retrieving, classification, flexible metadata, navigation and security and the requirements of a ERMS (Electronic Records Management System) such as retention management, file plan, controlled disposal/updates and advanced audit,”said Catalin Paunescu, CEO, Star Storage.”With SEAL you can archive anything, anytime without losing governance control over the content”.


We continuously take into consideration and act on customer feedback, permanently adding new features that enable companies to build and manage their electronic archives. Among the features included in this release there are:


Improved user experience

  • The new version of the product comes witha new graphical interface, with a flat design that aims to improve the user experience, offering a simpler, clearer and more effective interface;
  • The interface design allows easy application of different themes so that the product can quickly adapt to any corporate identity;
  • SEAL now includes a number of predefineddata model templates, focused on various business areas and activities, so no additional configurations are needed once the electronic archive was defined;
  • In this release we also focused on the help section, so if you want to learn more about certain SEAL features you can access auser guideand a series ofvideo tutorialsthat will initiate you in the use of your electronic archive, directly from the product interface.


Advanced sharing features

  • SEAL includes important new features that allows information sharing within an organization, even easier than its previous versions. Users can now group documents related to a particular issue in adocument collectionthat you can be shared with other members of the organization;
  • Sharing can be accomplished for a limited period or permanently and it can always be cancelled;
  • Accessing shared information is done in a new dedicated section, so that the content can be viewed in a quick and efficient manner;
  • All sharing operations are governed by security permissions and continuously monitored using audit reports.



  • New possibility to configure individual permission levels for archived document creators. This mechanism offers organizations greater flexibility in terms of access rights configuration.



  • An improved version of theREST APIinterface is included within this release, allowing other software applications to communicate with SEAL, besides theCMIS(Content Management Interoperability System) interface which is the standard based alternative in terms of integration with other systems.


With SEAL, you have a complete solution for enterprise information archiving. You can find below a quick overview of SEAL unique functionalities and usage scenarios.


SEAL unique functionalities:

  • Revolutionary flexibility:archive anything, anytime without losing governance control over the content;
  • Hybrid record management, by exposing consolidated information related to digital content and its physical support, within the same interface;
  • Retentionrules,holds, file planmanagement and controlled disposition for advanced compliance;
    • Quick deployment:start to archive your documents after deploying as a service or in 1 day for an on-premises solution;
    • Flexible security definition, using a rules engine and confidentiality levels;
    • Built-in Web viewerfor PDF, PDF/A, images and other common files (e.g.: Microsoft® Word);
    • Integration with systemssuch as BPM/ERP/CRM/Portal using CMIS open standard;
    • Ingest emailsfrom PST files and make them available securely for audit, research or other business activities.


SEAL usage scenarios:

  • Scanning and archiving documents.Using the included StarCapture application, you can create your archive from paper documents. Scan and index either in a single location or in a distributed work environment, while providing secured access to authorized personnel;
  • Archiving electronic documents.Archive documents generated in electronic format (by systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management or mail messages) in order to maintain a clear evidence of records and support future retrievals;
  • Mergers and acquisitions integration. Easily adopt and use data and documents from recently acquired companies;
  • Decommissioning old systems. Move passive content from old Document Management Systems / Enterprise Content Management systems or from unused databases and transform it into usable content, eliminating the legacy maintenance costs.


More information and other interesting news are available on the SEAL product website: www.seal-online.com

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