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Blood is Life


Star Storage Foundation, through the campaign "Blood is Life" supports the Bucharest Blood Transfusion Center in direction of collection and storage in optimal conditions of blood and promotes the need for blood donation.

The "Blood is Life" is a Star Storage Foundation campaign which was launched by the Star Storage company in December 2012.


This campaign was taken over by Star Storage Foundation in May 2013 when it was founded.


Through the "Blood is Life" campaign Star Storage Foundation & Star Storage set the following objectives:


  • Endowment of Bucharest Blood Transfusion Center with European standards equipment;
  • Informing the general public about the need for voluntary and unpaid involvement in blood donation with positive impact in increasing the number of blood donors in Romania.


The first objective of this campaign was conducted in February 2013, when Star Storage has purchased and donated for the Bucharest Blood Transfusion Center the following equipment essential for blood collection and preservation in optimal conditions:


  • Blood Bank - a professional refrigeration equipment for 336 blood bags;
  • A professional refrigeration equipment for reagents with a capacity of 500 litres;
  • 6 hemomixers.


Star Storage Foundation with the support of the Star Storage company and all who wish to get involved in supporting the cause of this campaign, aims to achieve all the objectives of the "Blood is life" campaign, raising over 200 000 euro.


We invite you to join us, as we know that you have done it until now.

Those who want to get involved in supporting Star Storage Foundation causes can do it by:

  • Direct donations to the account of Star Storage Foundation,  opened at UniCredit Bank, "Rosetti" Branch. The account is BACX RO52 0000 0008 5451 7001
  • Online donation via card - in the end of the page you have a form. Quick and safe transaction guaranteed and zero commission.
  • Donating 20% of the corporate income tax


Companies can redirect some of their income tax by signing a sponsorship agreement with the Star Storage Foundation, available here.
The total amount that Romanian companies could redirect for supporting this humanitarian campaign can get to 300 - 400 million euros annually.


Donating 2% of income tax

One way that you can contribute without having to spend any money is to donate 2% of income tax for the 2016 year to the Star Storage Foundation.


How you can donate the 2% income tax?

Support the Star Storage Foundation projects by donating 2% of income tax before the 25th of May 2017.

Redirected 2% of income tax by completing Form 230 (which is already filled with Star Foundation Storage data). It can be downloaded by clicking the following link: Form - 230

Freelancers can redirect 2% of income tax by filling the Form 200. It can be downloaded by accessing the clicking link: Form - 200


Please send it to friends, acquaintances, close persons, who would like to join us to contribute to the appearance of a smile on the faces of people who need us and a hope that there is a better life.

Is a simple support and is without any effort - this money are anyway take by the Romanian State. Better, come and together to use them to make life more beautiful people in our community!

We invite you to join our team

Star Storage Foundation also needs volunteers, so we invite you to join our team - we can send your request to and we will contact you for details.


We invite you to visit the campaign website:


Blood is an essential, vital and very valuable part to the human body, a wealth that each of us have, without recognizing how important it is. And that up to a point, when a dear person needs blood to be saved - only then we realize the true value of the gesture to donate blood.


Romania is the last place in Europe in terms of blood donation. Statistics show that only 1.7% of Romanians are on the list of donors, compared to other European countries: Denmark - 10%, England - 9%; Netherlands - 8%, Germany - 5.5%, France - 6%; South Italy - 4% Northern Italy - 3%, Hungary - 4.2%.


"Every second there is a man who needs blood and I consider that each of us must take responsibility for blood donation, because as long as we are healthy and can donate, we should do it. And that is not for the benefits which they grant a blood donor, but because we are fortunate, because we can enjoy every moment of our lives while other people are losing their lives because not suffering from any serious illness, but because they do not have the right blood to the right time.


Besides the fact that there are very few blood donors in our country, Romania still has a problem, the technological endowment of specialized Centers, which increases the negative impact that it has insufficient blood because it alters much faster than would happen if the Centers would be equipped accordingly.


Medicine has evolved greatly over time, and although now there are special technologies for the storage and transportation of blood, this remains a very perishable substance and therefore donations need to be made daily. Also, do not overlook the fact that a person who donates blood every three months can save in a year 15 people." said Catalin Paunescu, Star Storage CEO.


Star Storage during the year had two internal blood donation campaigns titled "Blood Donor Day in Star Storage" and which were held in collaboration with the Blood Transfusion Center Bucharest. During these campaigns, Star Storage employees donated blood, being helped in this endeavor by Blood Transfusion Center Bucharest which has provided a mobile unit.


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