Azure Documents Archiving

Azure Documents Archiving (powered by SEAL)

The cloud has quickly become the preferred option for information protection and management, especially for companies struggling with the issue of the growing amounts of unstructured content. More and more organizations are considering that they can have better agility, more control and sometimes less costs by hosting their electronic documents and records in a hyper-scale cloud platform like Microsoft Azure. With the SEAL seamless integration with Microsoft Azure it’s now easier than ever to protect, reuse and securely share your electronic records at a global scale. Cut costs by decommissioning legacy systems, gain a durable, highly available secure cloud archiving solution and repurpose your storage infrastructure for critical business activities while maintaining compliance and information governance.




  • High operational costs with old ECM/DMS systems
  • Large storage footprint due to duplicated content (reuse the electronic information)
  • Reduce costs with document and information governance and by decommissioning legacy systems
  • High consumption of IT budget
  • Impact on company profitability
  • Regulated Content not managed properly as part of a Unified Information Governance strategy
  • Fines and lost revenue due to compliance issues
  • Audit and lawsuits costs for delays in eDiscovery procedures
  • Low business insight due to poor access to information
  • Unlock information trapped in legacy applications
  • Workers not being able to access the needed content
  • No unified view across information spread over multiple silos
  • Extra $$$ in relation with the DBA
  • Poor user experience
  • Users abandon ECM in favour of local data storage
  • Little/no regulatory control
  • Loss of collaborative opportunities


Azure Documents Archiving (powered by SEAL) provides a unified enterprise archiving and records management platform that stores unstructured content and related metadata in a single, consolidated repository. Now organizations can preserve and unleash the value of their information assets while gaining access to the highly flexible and compliant infrastructure (SEC 17, MiFID II, GDPR, FINRA, HIPAA, HITECH) provided by Microsoft Azure.

Azure Document Archiving (powered by SEAL) brings the capabilities and the amazing user experience of SEAL even closer to top enterprises that want to simplify their content, records and information governance initiatives without the headaches associated to the provisioning and management of the IT infrastructure. The solution has a highly available, fully redundant architecture while using several relevant Azure capabilities like Azure Active Directory Authentication (AAD) or Azure Blob Storage, Immutable Blob Storage or Azure Archiving Blob Storage.

Reference Architecture


  • Best TCO (total cost of ownership). Competitive pricing (capacity based) especially for large number of users, fast implementation, rapid user adoption, low maintenance costs;
  • Designed for Business Users. Designed for business / non-IT users, focused on simplicity and business processes productivity and not only functionalities;
  • Simple. Powerful yet simple interface delivering the best user experience;
  • Competitive pricing, fast implementation, rapid user adoption, low maintenance costs;
  • Strong capabilities for capturing and ingesting content including scanning, “application-aware” content migration, user-created content or auto generated content;
  • Metadata driven platform - expanded metadata management and metadata based automation capabilities to automate ingesting, classifying and managing content metadata; Structure the unstructured content. Understand, store, protect, secure, manage, organize, search and share information like never before;
  • Strong mobile and cloud capabilities - native mobile clients for iOS and Android, CMIS for simple integration, designed for Cloud and SaaS providers with multi-tenancy capabilities; Extended cloud Storage to Azure for global coverage and always-on availability;
  • All-in-One - designed as a content services solution to address full content management needs, including document capture, OCR, workflow, records management, life cycle and archiving.


With Azure Documents Archiving powered by SEAL you can optimize the records management activities while reducing the burden on records management staff. Rarely used content doesn’t mean less important content. With a centralized repository based on the flexible and compliant Azure environment you can easily consolidate multiple archive repositories and release core business infrastructure rather than using expensive multi-purpose platforms (such as Enterprise Content Management solutions) for archiving.
  • Real benefits for increased efficiency, cost optimization and smart working 
    Find all your documents at a click, reuse them and win valuable time and resources by working efficiently with SEAL’s added benefits;
  • Build your Unified Information Governance at global scale leveraging Azure deployments. 
    Capture, transform, index and securely manage your entire paper and electronic archive, leveraging a centralized records management delivered from Microsoft Azure repository that will put you light years away in front of your industry;
  • Go Digital
    Transform paper into a reusable electronic archive and start building your Paperless Office;
    Store, find, reuse and share your valuable documents;Manage valuable business content based on what it is rather than where is stored;
  • Free up IT resources 
    Enable your line of business users to store and view documents without the need for specialized IT personnel;
    Reduce the load of databases supporting the business apps;
  • Total mobility and global coverage with Microsoft Azure 
    Leverage the true power of content mobility using our dedicated clients for iOS and Android and CMIS implementation that allows you to easily view and access content like never before from a variety of systems or devices;
  • Increase Efficiency 
    Unleash anytime, anywhere the power of your corporate information assets just sitting there, in your day to day business processes.
  • Save money 
    Competitive pricing vs. traditional DMS/ECM, legacy applications and platforms;Eliminate the cost of losing or re-creating existing documents;
  • Increased productivity 
    Greatly increase productivity using personalized content views from a unified records repository across the entire organization;
    Become more efficient just by reusing existing documents;
  • Keep your documents safe 
    Secure your valuable content with dynamic security based on metadata;
    Give access to as many employees as needed empowering them to do their job better and faster;
  • Collaborate in style 
    Increase collaboration efficiency while keeping information control by having a digitally shared work-space with third parties thanks to document collections and time-boxed security;
  • Legal, regulatory and industry compliance 
    Reduce company exposure and mitigate risks with a legal, regulatory and industry compliance electronic archive;
    Real-time discovery process in litigation or other investigative proceedings;
  • Pay per use, with no initial cost for infrastructure, software or implementation service;
  • Create the best User Experience for the Line of Business Users
    Intuitive yet powerful interface that will put your mind at ease and transform you into an information superhero.

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A next generation software solution for AI and metadata-driven content efficiency, compliance and process automation.

Connect, capture, index, share and securely manage your entire electronic archive while maintaining compliance.

At a fraction of the cost usually paid for classical ECM systems, SEAL is an enterprise information archiving system that enables you to capture, transform, index and securely manage your entire electronic archive, while still maintaining the necessary compliance and governance toolsets.

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