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Shaping the Future: Migrating from Legacy ECMs to Cloud-Optimized, User-Centric Platforms

As global enterprises pivot towards the future, a transformative wave in the Content Services domain is leading them away from the legacy ECM (Enterprise Content Management) platforms and towards the Next Generation Content Services. For two decades, classic ECMs have been at the forefront of content management. However, insights from industry analysts reveal a rising demand for platforms that not only mirror the straightforward and user-friendly experience synonymous with consumer apps but also boast a modern architecture optimized for cloud, scalability, and performance, all the while ensuring cost-effective pricing.


Enter the next generation content platform: a business software paradigm tailored for document-centric business operations. Its essence lies in a modern, metadata-driven architecture with ready-made connector with enterprise applications and augmented by APIs that enable seamless integrations between repositories and systems. It champions flexibility with equitable pricing models, prioritizes simplicity through “low-code/no-code” strategies, and promises a user experience reminiscent of modern consumer apps, ensuring uniformity across various devices, including mobiles.


Recognizing these winds of change, we have meticulously crafted a suite of next-generation content services platforms that stand unparalleled in cost-effectiveness, user experience, and technical innovation. Our proprietary software platforms – SEAL, StarMigrator Engine, StarCapture – are the bedrock upon which over 50 prebuilt solutions are designed, addressing both generic processes and specific industry requisites. Harnessing the power of intelligent content services, cutting-edge metadata management, and robust compliance and information governance, we are poised to offer our clientele and partners an unparalleled value proposition in the Content Services and Automation field.



1. Cost-Effective Content Services

Organizations willing to embrace process digitization and automation in 2021 need to fully take advantage of innovative technologies such as AI and ML as part of their digital transformation initiatives. By matching traditional process automation with AI (text intelligence and analysis, automatic image/ document tagging and categorization, content creation and translation, video and audio transcription, auto-tagging and metadata creation, etc.) there is an increased outcome with a greater efficiency of enterprise automation efforts.

2. Business-Centric Content Services:

At the heart of our approach is the belief that technology must empower businesses. With this in mind, we’ve crafted software products and solutions centered around the needs of business users, ensuring optimal results for every department. Drawing on over two decades of expertise in content management, process automation, and information governance, coupled with the innovations from our R&D team, our offerings promise a seamless user experience for non-IT personnel. This guarantees swift adoption and delivers tangible benefits from the very start.

3. Intelligent Content Services

For organizations embarking on digital transformation, integrating AI and ML is pivotal. By synergizing traditional content services with advanced AI / ML capabilities, including text analysis, auto-tagging, machine-learned content extraction, content translations, and multimedia transcription, we empower global enterprises to gain a competitive advantage, by reducing costs, increasing efficiency in back-office, while also enhancing adherence to regulatory standards.

4. Low-Code Process Automation

Modern low-code platforms prioritize user experience, enabling swift and effective business process orchestration through digital workflows and integrations. This accelerates time-to-market by streamlining development and minimizing operational complexities. Even users with minimal coding knowledge can utilize these platforms, thanks to intuitive clicks and configurations. However, speed must be paired with comprehensive functionalities to avoid creating disjointed applications. A mature, robust low-code platform for enterprise customers should offer a solid foundation in content, metadata, business rules, and process orchestration to seamlessly integrate data and processes.

5. The Cloud at your choice

As organizations seek a seamless transition to digital document management and automation, the option of Content Management and Automation as a Service emerges as a strategic choice. This approach not only eliminates substantial initial costs but also introduces a pay-as-you-go model, ensuring organizations invest only in the resources they consume. Whether your preference leans towards Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud Platform, our solutions are meticulously crafted to deliver peak performance across any cloud environment, providing flexibility while maintaining the efficiency and security you expect.


We help top businesses around the world on their digital transformation journey to accelerate cost-efficiency and time to market by rethinking operations and processes. By putting together our own software platforms, our cloud computing capabilities and a comprehensive range of professional services, we deliver an unique solution portfolio.

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By combining advanced technological products with top-quality service we create real solutions for real business helping them grow and adapt to a continuously changing market.

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