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StarVault Cloud Server powered by Microsoft Hyper -V Technology – a new Star Storage Service to reduce SMEs costs

Star Storage, Romanian top provider for storage, archiving and information management (data and documents) solutions, Outsourcing IT services and Cloud services, announces the expansion of Cloud services portfolio with StarVault Cloud Server based on Hyper-V virtualization technology from Microsoft. This service mainly addresses SMEs and is a simple and quick way to access a scalable IT environment with zero initial investment, which ensures the premises for increasing sales and reducing costs.


Using the experience of private cloud projects developed using Microsoft technologies, Star Storage designed the StarVault Cloud Server service especially for SMBs. The service is automatically provisioned on a virtualized platform using Microsoft Hyper-V Technology (System Center 2012 R2 + Windows 2012 R2 Data Center Edition), including Windows Server operating system in basic configuration, and thereby facilitating the migration of existing physical servers to cloud environments.


The new StarVault Cloud Server service provides a complete solution to customers from small and midsize companies. The objective is to replace traditional platform (servers and storage equipments, hosted in own IT rooms) with an inexpensive, scalable and damage protected service. Customer’s IT team will focus on business applications that bring value to the company, the maintenance of IT system components being entirely in Star Storage responsibility. StarVault Cloud Server is designed to operate as a public utility service, easily activated and fully scalable. Pay as you use.“, said Catalin Necula, Solution Sales Manager Cloud, Star Storage.


The Hyper-V Platform implemented by Star Storage contributes to the creation of a Modern Data Center that allows all sizes customers to benefit of IT services at low prices, assuring them at the same time a continuous availability. Among the benefits of the new technology we mention: streamlining operational costs by reducing investments in physical equipment, maintaining business continuity through Hyper-V Replica, increasing IT equipment performance by load balancing of virtual machines, or ensuring the continuous availability through an advanced system of error tolerance at all three levels (physical server, virtual machine or application)“, said Marius Filipas, Server & Tools Business Group Lead, Microsoft Romania.


StarVault, the Cloud Services portfolio of Star Storage, provides to all organizations complete services from hosting services in its own Data Center, to custom software solutions. StarVault Cloud Server services and StarVault Enterprise Cloud private cloud services are dedicated to organizations that want a flexible alternative to the classic IT system (hardware and software acquisition and maintenance in-house). Thus, for SMEs is provided a scalable, standardized and fully integrated (hardware resources, operating system, virus protection, telecommunications services) environment.


For medium and large companies, through StarVault Enterprise Cloud private cloud services, Star Storage provides a configurable environment with dedicated resources, so that IT Department is in complete control, but outsources the risks. Services are available for order on www.star-vault.ro.


StarVault Cloud Server is available directly from Star Storage Data Center in Bucharest, where customer’s data are stored in a protected environment, system components are duplicated to provide maximum availability (99.9%).


With StarVault services, customers benefit of:

  • Reduced costs by consuming IT resources and paying according to existing needs. Organizations pay only for what IT resources they use and only when they need them;
  • Zero initial investments for building the IT infrastructure dedicated to any business;
  • Increased ability to adapt to market conditions by using a high-performance and scalable IT environment;
  • Speed reaction through simplicity. Services are activated in just 5 minutes and it does not require training courses for use. As simple as using utilities services such as water and energy!
  • Focus on profit-generating activities transferring IT risks to the experts;
  • Mobility and maximum security – customer’s data are always safe, do not leave Romania and can only be accessed by them from anywhere and anytime.


We strongly believe in IT and especially in Cloud as an essential element for reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of any organization. We have invested and we will continue to invest in this direction, both in technology, through partnerships with top providers, such as the one with Microsoft and in facilities – a data center in Bucharest and a future new data center in Cluj, but also in human resources, at this moment we have more than 150 specialists on data center and cloud area. Using Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology, as a basis for StarVault Cloud Server service, we address in particular the small and medium sized companies, who, in this way, will have fast and easy access to the newest IT technologies, with zero initial investment. It is a great thing to be able to put into practice your business ideas without worrying about initial investments in an IT environment, hosting facilities for this environment and specialists for the infrastructure management. To be able to access the latest technologies paying exactly for what you are using, having the certainty that your data are safe and can be accessed from anywhere, are elements that make Cloud a major uptrend, that we will feel in the next period also in Romania“, said Catalin Paunescu, CEO Star Storage.


Our partnership with Star Storage in the Cloud area was a natural step, considering the previous successful collaborations, and constant focus and investments on Cloud services in Romania. We are even more confident in this partnership as the Cloud services offered by Star Storage are based on Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology“, said Kostas Loukas, CEO Microsoft Romania.


StarVault portfolio includes both the Cloud services that are part of the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS), but also Cloud services that are essential to ensure business processes such as: VPN Connectivity & Internet, Colocation & Hosting, Business Continuity Services, and Managed Security Services. StarVault services powered by Star Storage are presented and can be ordered from www.star-vault.ro or at 0744 425 683 (Star Storage IT consultants).



About Star Storage S.A.

STAR STORAGE is a Romanian information technology services company with annual Gross Revenue of more than € 20 million, employing more than 400 people. Serving a large client base, it delivers storage, archiving and information management solutions in Romania and Republic of Moldova, having positioned itself as the Romanian industry leader.


The Company has more than 13 years of experience on the Romanian market and has succeeded to build an entire portfolio of solutions and services fulfilling the entire enterprise information lifecycle (from the moment of production up to the moment of storage, transformation, distribution or destruction) and playing a key role in the transformation process of organizations’ IT infrastructure into cloud-based architectures with improved control over the content. In addition to this portfolio, several outsourcing services – focused on content acquisition, enrichment, protection, recovery and content output – are provided to banks, non-banking financial institutions, public administrations, telecommunication operators and utility companies.


In addition to its national presence, the Company has started to expand its presence on the international level, primarily through strategic alliances with reputable international players.


Traditionally, Star Storage activity has been focused around large clients. However, the mid-market and SMB segments are now in the Company’s attention and part of the growth plan over the next 5-years.


For more information, visit www.star-storage.ro



About Microsoft Romania

“Our inspiration at Microsoft is to be the leader in technology and trusted partner for Romania’s future”


Announced in July 2013, the company’s new global strategy will focus on creating a family of devices and services for individual users and organizations, from which will benefit people on the entire planet – at home, at work or on the move in activities that they value most. Microsoft strategic directions with local impact are the Digital Agenda for Romania, Business Environment Competitiveness and Creating Opportunities for Youth. More details about Microsoft in Romania can be obtained from this page.

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